Reaction, debate continues over La Mirada baseball coach profanity-laced tirade

La Mirada Athletic Director and baseball coach Kim Brooks has been suspended for a 17-minute profanity-laced rant he went on in April that was directed at student players. How would you react if a coach went on a profanity-laced tirade at your son or daughter?

  1. How would you react if a coach went on a ...
    How would you react if a coach went on a ...
  2. My little league coach used to do that. Kids and parents these days are soft. What's your son going to do when his boss or client starts screaming at him because he didn't do his job right? Call mommy to come pick him up.
  3. I think i got yelled at in the same manner by every coach i ever had. i have no problem with it
  4. If he is a paid employee of a school district, then he must be held to the same standards as those in the classroom.
  5. They should have played better.
  6. The guy deserves a raise. These kids nowadays are just way too soft.
  7. Kids need to grow a thicker skin. At that age it's not about everyone playing and some will ride the pine. Not everyone will make the team and some will have to deal with the disappointment. Also if kids don't learn how to deal with things like this the world is going to be a tough place for them.The team is headed for CIF and it's not the first time so I suspect that Coach Brooks is doing a ton of things right.
  8. He'd be on the ground if I saw him yelling curse words at my kids.
  9. First of all my past football coaches were all like that. It's a competitive game not chess, it's been proven to relieve stress when swearing plus it motivated us players to keep pushing to our limits to win. It's all about increasing our adrenaline. No wars have ever been won by whispers. If a persons kid can't handle the game maybe they should just be watching from the sidelines.
  10. I went to LMHS, they take their sports seriously. Not sure if I agree with the rant, but he's coaching this team to win!!! These kids are almost out of high school, sure they're going to get hit with a lot worse if they contine onto college ball...
  11. I know a lot of former students support him and don't see anything wrong, but I just don't see how verbal abuse equates to good coaching. He sounds like an asshole.
  12. After listening to that speech, I'd give him an immediate raise.
  13. Unfortunately there is another High School in the Whittier High School District that has a baseball coach that belittles & uses offensive language to the players but hasn't been recorded. Parents have gone to WHSD to voice & record their complaints only to have no action taken against this verbally abused Varsity Head Coach! Every year at least 4 Varsity baseball players either transfer or quit!!!! It should be ZERO tolerance
  14. Same message could if been delivered with less profanity. This is happening every where .. this one just got recorded and reported. . The F word is used in everday language as often as the word THE. Happens every where. Sad that such a amazing team with great players are being overshadowed by a foul mouth rant....
  15. I do not know this coach personally but his actions and his behavior is exactly what is being done now and in the past and I do not feel he has done anything wrong. What he has done is devote much of his life to young adults in an effort to make their lives better in the future. There are times when we need strong role models that will take notice when we are failing. I am a parent of present and past high school athletes and I have personally witnessed this same behavior between coaching staff and our young adults. The relationship and bond the coaching staff and athletes have between one another is absolutely something to admire and cherish. I'm sure there are some of you who will criticize this coaches' innocent attempt to get through to young adults, but I will challenge all you parents who have done the same privately, and if you were criticized or questioned for your parenting behavior, how many of you would be upset if an outsider intervened? Let the coaches coach without the noise from the grand stands.
  16. Sounded like a motivational speech to me. Our football coach gave the same talks and it made us better men and a stronger team.
  17. All he needed to do is leave out the foul language. At the beginning of each school year our students have to sign a Code of Conduct. It only makes sense that our coaches and teachers exemplify the same code.
  18. If my kids were 15 and older playing for him, I'd accept that tantrum if they're playing like babies and wasting time. But if they're younger or crying. I'd be pissed! I hate when parent act all high and mighty and demand people who explode like this to be punished, And then go home and cuss and argue with their spouse or let their children watch movies with worse! Bunch of fakes. Either take your child out, or let them learn and get better! Stop shielding them. Your creating pussies!
  19. I wouldn't do nothing. .. People now a days are too sensitive. .. When I was a kid that's the way it was done. .. Good honest coaches would do this. .. Kids (young adults) need to man up and grow a pair
  20. Now now... Soften up buttercup we don't wanna hurt your feelings. Come on man! I didn't realize high school boys are so soft these days. Ha
  21. Id complain and have him stripped away from coaching. Kids dont need to be around that kind of negativity. Adults should build kids up... not break them down.
  22. Can you imagine talking softly to these kids...? They will step all over you and won't follow rules. Hello!!!!! Teens now in days don't listen
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