Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Spring '14

  1. Our Twitter Scavenger Hunt required going around campus to ask students or professors 10 questions which reflect  on their opinions and preferences. 
  2. My partner, Rowaida and I arrived early in order to prepare for the task. 
  3. Heading off to hunt for answers on campus; we were very enthusiastic. 
  4. For the first question we had to ask a professor on campus about his opinion on the role of social media.

  5. Dr. Firas Al-Atraqchi was quite knowledgeable of the topic, his answer was very clear and informative. 
  6. The second question had to ask a student where does he/she get their news from.

  7. We ran into a friend of Rowaida's; Noha depends on social media to deliver her all the news.
  8. For question three we had to take a photo of something that resembles academic excellence at AUC and how the university contributes to cutting edge research!

  9. When speaking of research and academic excellence, the first place that came on mind was the School of Sciences and Engineering. Students of the department had a robot under construction!
  10. Question four: "Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about the AUC campus."

  11. I was personally impressed and surprised to know that the university offers this service to its students. 
  12. Question 5: A photo and quote that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, organizations available at AUC.

  13. we explored some of the huge variety of the extracurricular extravaganza available to students at AUC.
  14. Question 6; we had to ask someone about the sports facilities at AUC.

  15. Question 7: A photo and quote from someone (not you or your partner) revealing school spirit

  16. We shot a vine that best captures the spirit of AUC on a normal sunny day.
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