Commemorating the #June16 uprising, remembering the heroes and heroines

#AMLive anchoir @SakinaKamwendo speaks to retired science teacher at Morris Isaacson High school where Hector Pieterson Fanyana Mazibuko.

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  3. 1. As you somberly read through those names I am busy in a sombre way inwardly reverberating absent absent absent as though you were going through a class register. May their souls rest in peace. Monoshi.

    2. I am just wondering what the youth in former model C schools are doing today both Black & White? Can SABC follow up. Kusekubi!! Mali - E Cape

    3. My gratitude and respect to All those young heroes who died so that we can be. No amount of words can thank you. May Your souls rest in peace. ANC Govt,show your respect by giving the current youth Real Quality education Please, Please, Please. . . . Rapulane

    4. Goodmorning Sakina. Can you please tell us how old Hector Peterson was during June 16? Did he know exactly what was happening? Children are always curious and at the middle of the day end up being victims. From: Hitler Masoleng @ Boshof.

    5. You can use the same descriptions of brutality for the marikana massacre.

    6. Let us use the past to construct bridges to cross to the future to honour the fallen heroes and heroines of years gone by. Kwaad mag nooit met kwaad verg

    7. What about the terrified security policemen, some of them young, confronted by masses of angry people and potential and actual violence at soweto and sharpville? Struggle rhetoric is so one-sided. My sorrow for all who died.

    8. Why don't we rather celebrate Marikana. It is more recent and more relevant. Don't you think. Ingrid from Johannesburg
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