The Tipping Point for Revolutionizing Elderhood

The 6th Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration was a platform for Green House adopters from around the country to connect with each other, share best practices and passion, and continue learning how to impact long-term care.

  1. Green House adopters from 32 states came together in Boston to celebrate a Revolution of Elderhood. With close to 200 attendees at the meeting, and another 500+ people tuning into our livestream broadcast, this year's conference was the largest attendance ever!  With momentum in new states, new funding opportunities from The Robert Wood Johnson FoundationAARP Foundation and The Weinberg Foundation, there was a clear evidence that we are reaching the tipping point of this social movement.  If you want to have your finger on long-term care trends for 2014 and beyond, you'll want to keep your eye on The Green House model.
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  3. The Peer Network Means a Connection to Support and Innovation

  4. Green House adopters created a quilt to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this movement and to weave together the tapestry of innovation that has permanently changed long term care.  A constant theme throughout the conference is that we are stronger together.  Together we will overcome the status quo, and revolutionize Elderhood. 
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  6. CEO of Mississippi Methodist, Steve McAlilly, and original team members Bridget and Tarlyn spoke from their experience as the first Green House homes and connected the past with the present.  By sharing their passion, lessons learned, and values they articulated what has sustained their organization through the dynamic last decade and as leaders into the future.  
  7. Steve McAlilly Reflects on 10 years of The Green House Project
  8. Elders Speak Out about the Power of Compassion

  9. The voice of the elder is the most powerful vehicle that we have to drive innovation forward and to ensure that we are staying true to what is most important.  During the Elder Panel, Bonnie, a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis at Leonard Florence Center for Living, reminds the group at the Annual Meeting that the core what what we do is compassion.   
  10. Green House Elder Calls on Nurses to Show Compassion
  11. "Life is Good"

  12. Steve Saling, who lives with ALS at Leonard Florence Center for Living also shared a powerful testimony to the life that he is able to lead because of the vision of CEO, Barry Berman, and the collaborative team effort (including Steve's own design) that enables him to live a meaningful life.  He left an awe struck crowd with his signature phrase, " Life is Good" 
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  14. International Educator on Dementia Focuses on Well-Being

  15. Knowing that dementia impacts so many elders and their families, where and how we address their needs is a moral, financial and quality imperative.  Dr. Al Power, author of Dementia Beyond Drugs, gave an inspiring keynote that challenged everyone to view the person with dementia through a frame of well-being.  
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  17. Impacting the Future of Long Term Care

  18. Green House adopters are a living testament to creating Real Home, Meaningful Lives and Empowered Staff and how that can impact lives and organizational success.  The Annual Meeting concluded with a powerful 10th Anniversary Video that highlights the impact and energizes the momentum that is moving forward into the next 10 years! 

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