FCC CIO David Bray discusses government IT challenges

  1. On Friday, Alex Howard, who tweets under the name @digiphile posted a tweet about an O'Reilly story written by Matthew Burton on the challenges of IT in government. I responded and later David Bray, the FCC CIO weighed in with his thoughts. I thought the exchange was insightful and indicative that you can have meaningful discussion of substantive issues, even in a 140 character format. Thanks to @digiphile, @matthewburton and @fcc_cio for a meaningful discussion.
  2. I responded to Howard's pull quote and a debate began.
  3. Then FCC CIO David Bray weighed in with his thoughts.
  4. I responded that this was especially true for healthcare.gov, which was under unprecedented public scrutiny.
  5. He responded:
  6. And then Bray followed with a series of tweets, which outlined a possible solution to this issue.
  7. Then I wondered how we get to that place in today's political climate.
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