1. I first met someone who would later be a part of Medicine Man in late 1986. Derek Young answered an ad wanting a bass player for a band I was putting together post Theoria. He was putting together a different band and they needed a singer. So I went to sing in that band which later on in '87 eventually became Wrong Crowd. Four years after that, Derek was the bassist in Medicine Man.
  2. By then I'd left WEA and was trying Underground Records as a real company. I'd shop bands to larger labels, basically sending out a promo pack w/ cassettes and bios every few months to A&R people on mailing lists. To get Medicine Man material into those promo mailers, they needed a demo. We recorded at my house in Dallas in August 1991 on a reel to reel deck, the Tascam 388. With 8 tracks, five dedicated to instruments, one to vocals and two for overdubs, there wasn't much room for adding extras. We mixed down to metal cassette and I made a few overdubbing copies of that onto High Bias cassettes to preserve the master.
  3. Long ago in Rock N Roll time, about 2000 or so, the 'ol Tascam 388 broke down and needs parts. Hard or impossible to find and high dollar, it hasn't been fixed. So no remixing or remastering of anything which came from that machine. The Medicine Man cassette master had been long lost somewhere in the half dozen plus moves I've done since we recorded it in Dallas. I just happened to find a copy in the summer of 2017 of the last surviving dubbing master in a box of jumbled items from a storage bin I had stored stuff in when the record store closed years ago. The storage had been looted over and over and everything dumped into a giant mess onto the floor. There amongst the original Guns N Roses promo posters and limited edition vinyl of Sabbath's Born Again (thieves had no idea what they left behind...), was that old Medicine Man tape. The other dubbing master I'd wore out over 25 years ago making promo copies.
  4. So we're blessed even to have this. I say raise a toast, ENJOY! LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL! - TW
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