#legacy tea

On Sunday, March 23, we held a #legacy tea at Humber Valley United Church (where Donna, Joan, and Judith attend) in support of the HATCH Project. The event featured songs selected by each of the women, and performed by me, with complete tea service, vintage decor, and storytelling.

  1. This might be my favourite tweet of all time. The real credit here goes to those three twitterbirds.
  2. Preparations happened before church--getting all of the tables set up in just the way that we wanted them. 
  3. Then the event began. I started off by explaining that this event is not (in fact) the show. It is A show, just not THE show. Clarity is everything. 
  4. Each co-creator would introduce the songs that they had chosen, and tell a story about why that song was connected to the idea of legacy. Needless to say, some of these moments were incredibly powerful.
  5. Here's an amazing picture of Judith tweeting during the event. That's right--they're LIVE TWEETING. #winning
  6. I love this photo of the four of us. We were pretty thrilled with how the event went off. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
  7. This was the best part of the whole day--trying Joan's famous "Christmas Salad" that she talks about during the show. Couldn't be more excited to dive in for the Jell-O goodness. 
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