Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool feat. R Kelly (Atlantic)

The story of an amazing remix...

  1. Phoenix are a bunch of synth-pop connoisseurs from France who used to be in a band with Daft Punk
  2. R Kelly is an R&B megastar who used to be Trapped in the Closet
  3. This year at Coachella, the two acts combined for an immense mash-up of their hits '1901' and 'Remix (Ignition)
  4. Phoenix with R Kelly - Ignition ( 1901 Remix ) Live @ Coachella Festival 4-13-13 in HD
  5. Everyone had a fun time and a fledgling bromance was born
  6. This week asked guitarist Christian Mazzalai, whether Phoenix might reunite with Kells in the future. The answer was positive...

    "Yeah, maybe. Maybe. [Lifts sunglasses and winks] Maybe. Maybe soon you will know. Maybe."

    Four days later, this photo was uploaded to the band's Instagram account
  7. The Internet began to get very excited. Even more so when it saw this...
  8. Trying To Be Cool feat. R Kelly [TEASER]
  9. Finally, after literally less than a week of fevered anticipation. The track arrived and it was incredible
  10. Trying To Be Cool feat. R Kelly
  11. Better than 'Ignition (Remix)'?
  12. R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix)
  13. Don't be ridiculous
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