CrossFit Games Live Twitter Chat

15.5 The final workout and last live chat of the season

  1. Thursday March 26, 2015 5 pm PST. #CrossFitGames
  2. The chat was initiated via television for a large CrossFit event. The event was 15.5, the final workout for the Open season. The commentators ask the question before the workout "Who do you think will win?" As he even progresses people's comments regarding who they are rooting for are shown on the screen.
  3. By following the hashtag, I can interact with others who are also watching the same life feed that I am. I can read their reactions to the event, and respond to their comments or questions. They can also respond back to me.
  4. Everyone interacting on the twitter chat knows that they will have to perform the same work out, so we all have something that connects us in this experience of watching professionals perform the workout. Soon, we will all be suffering through the same work out so people band together not just in the excitement of the event, but also in the anticipation of performing it. You can also connect with the professional athletes in the community. In CrossFit, its all about the community.
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