Staving off silly season boredom for journalists with a Cabinet reshuffle

If we can't have a leadership challenge nor some early election speculation, what could be better than a Cabinet reshuffle?

  1. How come Peter Garrett kept his job was the question?
  2. And maybe here's the answer
  3. That Tony Abbott agrees with
  4. But not everyone was impressed with Tony's words
  5. But there were "Hoorays" for Australia's first female Attorney General
  6. Oh yeh? Who cares about that?
  7. Plenty of people I'd say from looking at the tweets
  8. And you can't keep a good lobby group down
  9. Nor an ambitious new Cabinet Minister! Watch me, watch me, please don't miss me!
  10. But clearly not everyone was impressed

  11. With the program as well as Bill
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