This #edchat happened Monday April 6th. The purpose was to talk about technology in education.

  1. Here I introduce myself to the group.
  2. I like this tweet. Agreed that many teachers feel uncomfortable sharing. I am ok with with it. I understand if others don't like my work but offer it for anybody it may help.
  3. Agreed with this tweet. We need to find more time to collaborate among teachers. Every teacher has great ideas and we can learn from each other.
  4. I was inspired by a few tweets about Google products.
  5. Retweeted this. I have drunk the Koolaide on Google products. They are fantastic.
  6. I tweeted this and it resonated with a lot of educators. Immediately, people started liking this tweet.
  7. This was one response I received from an educator.
  8. Here is another contribution to the #edchat. I wanted to let folks know about screencastify.
  9. I started participating in this chat after seeing my colleague tweeting this.
  10. Here is one area I need to work on. Many educators use Pinterest to share documents. I actually mispelled this which shows how unfamiliar I am with the website.
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