Documenting my life on instagram

For a few weeks I took "interstesting" pictures of my life. This is what I recorded.

  1. Sunset at CSUSM 
    Sunset at CSUSM #edss530ig
  2. This is when it all began. Started a twitter account at CSUSM and began documenting my life on instagram.
  3. Made it #potatochipmountain
    Made it #potatochipmountain
  4. On Spring Break I really wanted to do something new and challenging. I climbed a mountain in Poway to get to a place known as Potatoe Chip rock. It was the toughest climb I ever did. My whole body ached for a week after this climb.
  5. Snakes on a trail
    Snakes on a trail
  6. On my way down the mountain almost stepped on this snake. I decided to stop and take a picture of it.
  7. A picture for every lesson #spanish #csusmedu
    A picture for every lesson #spanish #csusmedu
  8. Everyday I take a picture of my agenda in Spanish class so I decided to make a collection of them.
  9. Mi vida puro estudiar #csusmedu
    Mi vida puro estudiar #csusmedu
  10. This is my life about 90% of the time. I am on my computer working on a multitude of things for the credential program.
  11. Student art from Vista HS #edss530ig
    Student art from Vista HS #edss530ig
  12. There was an art exhibit at my school and I really liked this work so I decided to take a picture of it and share it.
  13. Mis estudiantes en su descanso #edss530ig
    Mis estudiantes en su descanso #edss530ig
  14. This is one of my classes during their break. They're the best.
  15. Después de clase.  #misalón #edss530ig
    Después de clase. #misalón #edss530ig
  16. Peace and quiet after the day is done. Also posted a picture of the classroom to show what it looks like.
  17. #DoloresHuerta speech at #csusmedu #edss530ig
    #DoloresHuerta speech at #csusmedu #edss530ig
  18. Here I went to a speech by Dolores Huerta. She was an incredible leader in Chicano history. I left inspired after listening to her speak.
  19. Walking the dog #edss530ig
    Walking the dog #edss530ig
  20. Whenever I have some free time I love spending time with my nephews and nieces. Here we are walking our dog Fifi.
  21. Marvel Universe w my nephew Chango. SD #edss530ig
    Marvel Universe w my nephew Chango. SD #edss530ig
  22. Here is one time I was actually doing something fun. I took my nephew to a show in San Diego named Marvel Universe. It was grea
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