Library Snapshot Day: Celebrating National Library Week at the RES Library

National Library Week 2017 is April 9-15. All over the country, libraries have chosen a single day this week to share photos and statistics. It's Library Snapshot Day: a day in the life of one elementary school library in rural Vermont.

  1. Library Snapshot Day Statistics
    Richmond, Vermont Elementary School Library
    April 13, 2017

    Number of books checked out: 77
    Number of uses of library’s electronic databases (based on monthly use): 48
    Number of classes visiting library: 3
    Number of classes served by librarian in classroom: 2
    Number of conversations with fourth graders it took to change the librarian’s mind about a book she didn’t use to like: 2
    Number of questions posted by second graders on Twitter for their partner class in Hong Kong: 3, with more to come next week

    We hope you enjoy the photos. Happy National Library Week!
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