1. wow...you hired the advertising agency..you reviewed and approved the ads....anyway thank you for deleting this insensitive ads of yours!
  2. Seriously?! Before you uploaded those ads, wala man lang nagsabi kung gaano ka distasteful at illogical ang mga ads na yun o nakaisip na wag na lang ipost? Huwag ako BDO!!
  3. Dont you have people with brains in there ...what were you thinking?
  4. too late, its going viral. Meanwhile, consider opening the positions for your marketing manager and social media manager.
  5. You found ways: to shoot yourself in the foot. Kudos!
  6. I think before the ad was uploaded, dumaan ito sa mga senior officers nila for approval.
  7. scrap the entire campaign! it sends the wrong message of always choosing material wealth over social relevance
  8. Fire your brand people then hire a better agency or freelancer. Never, ever do anything internally because that's what ad agencies/creative people are for. Spend a little more for better creatives. Huwag pong kuripot.
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