1. With the looming sunset of the Federal ITC, a post-election Capitol Hill landscape portending climate denial instead climate policy action, and the calls from our peers at the recent #SPICon for stronger advocacy, the November 12th #SolarChat was destined to again prove the power of this 3-year-old platform to galvanize the voice of the industry.
  2. Listening to Senator Harry Reid speak at Solar Power International 2014 in Las Vegas affirmed for us that #SolarChat was the right megaphone to broadcast his solar passion and activism.
  3. What we did not know is the global urgency for clean energy progress would exhibit itself with the power of a timely ground breaking announcement. On the morning of #SolarChat 11/12/14 dedicated to solar politics, policies and advocacy, the WhiteHouse broke the news of a Presidential led agreement with China on carbon reduction. How appropriate for #SolarChat'ers from 10 countries and 28 states to already be gathered to once eagain work to expand the industry’s agenda?

    #SolarChat is about galvanizing solar professionals tackling the issues and expanding the opportunities within the industry. #SolarChat also serves the equally important purpose of spreading the solar message to the general public. Having a state senator join the #SolarChat conversation is testimony to our brainstorming sessions as vibrant, recognizable, trustworthy and transcendent of any one company’s mission.
  4. We thank Senator Harry Reid; SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch; OFA Climate Change Campaign Manager JackShapiro; Founder of Climate Hawks Vote RL Miller; Greentech Media Senior Editor Stephen Lacey; CleanTechnica Chief Editor Zachary Shahan, and all 335 of you who joined us for rolling up your sleeves to progress solar in America and around the world.

    As always, the conversation was loud and strong and the take-aways were many. Together we blew out the reporting capabilities of TweetReach (which showed only 1,500 of our total tweets), reaching nearly 700,000 accounts and generating nearly 7 million solar impressions. Read on for the numerous highlights and please relive them by RT'ing any and all tweets you agree with.
  5. The bottom line: We need to mobilize the solar troops. As Resch put it: “We can no longer afford to be in the audience. It’s time for everyone to play a role! Get more Twitter users on #SolarChat! People need to get active.”

    “Don’t lose hope," encouraged Senator Reid during #SolarChat. "Progress is being made and we’ll keep fighting for more.”
  6. Read on for some #SolarChat highlights...
  7. Q1 What does the outcome of the midterm elections mean for solar state policy?
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