Cut the Cord

The need to stop Helicopter Parents

  1. Today’s parents are immersed in their children’s lives. They call their children multiple times a day, check their child’s grades and need to know every move their child makes. These parents like to "hover."
  2. The phenomenon known as “helicopter parents” is a real thing which affects the lives of millions of college students. Maybe parents feel anxious about letting their kid into the real world, but these parents need to cut the proverbial ubilical cord and let their children be. From the first step on campus to the final step across the stage, parents are breathing down their children’s necks.
  3. Meredith Hutchings, 19 works in the Admissions department for SUNY the College at Brockport. She has experienced her fair share of overbearing parents.
  4. “When they first come to admissions for things such as scholar sleepovers, they won’t leave the child’s side. They need to be involved in the first experience at Brockport.” She said regarding the parents who accompany their kids to the school.
  5. When students come to visit the schools they might want to attend, there are some that come to scope out the party scene. Students can stay the night on scholar sleepovers and truly experience the crazier side of higher education.
  6. “The first couple of weeks, students try to get into parties and parents get worried that their children will go to the parties. This then magnifies the problem of the child’s first year experience.”Hutchings said.
  7. All this happens even before these children leave to officially go to college.
  8. Over parenting doesn’t end after a child graduates high school. It grows well on to the college years. Many of today’s parents, however well intended are smothering their children.
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