Common Kindness Day reaches Belleville

The Brake Room, a local coffee and bicycle repair shop gave out free coffee Jan. 10 thanks to an anonymous sponsor donation of $400.

  1. What is your favourite beverage from @thebrakeroom ? #QNetNews
    What is your favourite beverage from @thebrakeroom ? #QNetNews
  2. Adam Tilley is the owner of The Brake Room, who combined his passion of bicycles and coffee into one place.
  3. While grabbing a free coffee at @thebrakeroom and #payingitforward , you can also check out the other side of the room that has new bikes and a repair shop! #QnetNews
  4. His shop was one of the 10 Ontario local coffee shops who were given an anonymous sponsor donation. The sponsor, who prefers to remain anonymous, requested the coffee shops give out free coffee in place of the donation and promote it as Common Kindness Day.
  5. Media promoted the event with the hashtag #CommonKindessDay
  6. Some customers who were surprised and appreciative of the random act of kindness, contributed money to the coffee shop tabs, enabling some shops to hand out free coffee to customers into Wednesday!
  7. The coffee shops involved were: The Brake Room (Belleville), Barrie Bean Counter (Barrie), The Grind (Cornwall), Boiling Over's Coffee Vault (Lindsay), Grounded Coffee (Midland), Origin Trade Café (Ottawa), Coutts Coffee (Perth), Kyoto Coffee (Peterborough), and 3 Steps Up Café (Whitby).
  8. As for The Brake Room, the $400 tab stayed even after being open for four hours.
  9. Some regular customers came in for the event. . .
  10. The hand signal at the end meant absolutely! #QnetNews
  11. Some new customers were delightfully surprised. . .
  12. In the end, the unofficial holiday caught on with participators and have caused many to continue with a random act of kindness, like adding to the coffee tabs, and supporting their local businesses.
  13. Customers say they are happy to support local startup businesses like Adam's @thebrakeroom #QnetNews
    Customers say they are happy to support local startup businesses like Adam's @thebrakeroom #QnetNews
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