1. We are partnering with the Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective for the next #stophateca roundup to focus on the Islamophobic organizing in Quebec. Please send contacts and any information you think would be useful in regard to digging into Islamophobia in Quebec to #stophateca or to toolkit@rabble.ca.
  2. The Islamophobic organizing continues in provinces across Canada. The next Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) events are May 6 in Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, and Vancouver. On May 21, CCCC is planning events in Montreal and Saskatoon.
  3. rabble.ca readers report back from protests last month.
  4. Samia: I saw David Menzies [staff at Ezra Levant's The Rebel] at one of the M103 protests. I didn't immediately recognize him. Some protesters were really in his face, and blowing horns, and pushing at him. I said guys you have got to stop it, not because I agree with him but because this makes us look like bullies. I got the whole crowd to stop, to turn all their megaphones and blowhorns off. Rebel Media posted a video of the first part, but not the part where a Muslim woman defended their right to free speech. It is ironic, isn't it?
  5. Note: Pasted below the Rebel Media video, note he suspiciously cut in the middle of the video.
  6. "Anti-fascists" mob Rebel reporters at M103 demo
  7. March 25th: Kevin Johnston's protest in front of Iqra Khalid's office
  8. Samia: On March 25, there was a small demonstration in Mississauga. [far-right Mississauga organizer] Kevin Johnston coordinated the event. he was intimidating us, and seemed to allow the people who were demonstrating with him to attack us. This video shows them attacking us.
  9. The interesting thing was that there was a priest there who was radicalizing the crowd. The priest was telling the crowd to become martyrs and not fear death. It is interesting that, in their rhetoric, the alt-right says this is what Muslims are doing. I caught them doing the very same thing during the demonstration. I know it is ironic, but it is also scary because the outcome of that is exactly what we are seeing in Quebec.
  10. Mississauga M103 Protest: When Islamophobic Protesters attack!
  11. This is the same Kevin Johnston who offered to pay cash for videos of Muslim students praying.
  12. March 26, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  13. Report back from the March 26th, Vancouver protest
  14. Kate (pseudonym to protect identity of the person reporting): Today I spent a wet Sunday afternoon at the International Day Against Racism March. Along with about 100 other protesters, I walked through Chinatown. When we arrived at Victory Square, we were surrounded by almost 20 white men in sunglasses and ball caps (on a rainy day) and carrying Canadian flags on flagpoles.
  15. These white supremacists were aggressive, intimidating, and disrupting the event which sought to protest racism. They took pictures of people in the crowd, including myself, and shouted, pushed, and punched their way into the space.
  16. There were also about as many Vancouver Police Department (VPD) officers there, carrying guns and other weapons, wearing bulletproof vests. They also surveilled this march of 100 people. They did not intervene against these violent white supremacists until there was physical assault happening.
  17. I asked one cop why they didn’t insist the white supremacists leave. He said unless there was physical violence, they were simply there to watch. The VPD protected the white supremacists today. They did not protect the many racialized people and their allies. When the rally was over, they unhandcuffed two of the violent white supremacists and gave them their flags back (which they had used as weapons).
  18. After the march, I was instructed by some people at the event to fear for my safety. Not to walk alone, to privatize my social media accounts, and to cover my face next time. Some of them walked me to where I was going, and we were followed and again harassed by one of the white supremacists. I must admit, I felt deeply fragile leaving the event.
  19. White supremacy is alive in Vancouver. It’s alive when I can walk up to any police officer and be calmly informed about their racist processes. It’s alive when throngs of militant white men arrive to harm and intimidate peaceful protesters and their families, then are protected by the VPD. It’s alive when, I am told to fear for my safety and hide my identity. It is alive when, in the name of social justice, anarchist white young men romanticize violence, in the name of "protecting people", without the endorsement of the people they claim to be standing for, and without acknowledging their own privilege.
  20. Both views seem so locked up in a past where white people dominate everything, even political resistance. I am interested in movements and actions that center people of colour, Indigenous people, queer and trans people, women, youth, elders, and those with different abilities. Resistance must be intersectional.
  21. April 1: Last month's CCCC-organized rallies were on April 1. Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective published these great reports from Toronto and Calgary. They also published this report focusing on particular Soldiers of Odin and the Jewish Defense League.
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