Kevin O'Leary is entering the race for Conservative Party leader.

Canada's high profile businessman Kevin O'Leary is officially in the race for Conservative Party leader.

  1. Kevin O'Leary used Twitter to make his big announcement.
  2. He then went live on Facebook to talk with his followers about his announcement.
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  4. Canadians are expressing their opinions on social media with many comparing him to President elect, Donald Trump.
  5. Cartoon for Jan 18. #kevinoleary #Conservative #cdnpoli #polican #cpcldr
    Cartoon for Jan 18. #kevinoleary #Conservative #cdnpoli #polican #cpcldr
  6. Many Canadians are unhappy with this news.
  7. O'Leary says that he is excited to get Canada back on track. "What an opportunity we have in this country. Limitless bounty,".
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