Metallica play Antarctica

You'll have to go a long way and wrap up warm to catch Metallica's latest gig "at the bottom of the planet."

  1. Música Zero presenta a Metálica en la Antártida
    Música Zero presenta a Metálica en la Antártida
  2. Metallica will play their coldest, quietest gig in Antarctica on 8th December. Due to the area's unique conditions the band will play without amplifiers and the audience will listen on headphones. Fans in Latin America have the chance to win tickets for a cruise which will take them to gig at the Argentine Antarctic base at Carlini.
    The show will be broadcast live for fans in Latin America and released worldwide at a later date.
    Antarctica is the only continent the band have not played up till now. "Pack up those warm clothes and we'll see you at the bottom of the planet!" the band say in a statement on their website.
  3. Here's how web commentators reacted to the news. (Of course these tweets are just the tip of the iceberg.)
  4. Metallica - Trapped Under Ice
  5. Metallica are not the first band to play Antarctica. Nunatak, a group of scientists played there in 2007.
  6. Nunatak - how many people
  7. If they're looking for support Charlie Simpson of British band Fightstar will find Antarctica quite cosy after playing in Oymyakon, Siberia - the coldest place on Earth.
  8. Charlie Simpson Plays World's Coldest Gig
  9. And if any of the band get frostbite they can always ask Bill Bailey to step in.
  10. Bill Bailey's message to Metallica
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