1. Welcome back to another week of live blogging and another week of Survivor. This week is the MERGE, woooooooooo!
  2. Also a shoutout to all those who are at the live RHAP in NYC. Have fun meeting each other guys!
  3. So what can we expect this week? With the merge coming and 12 survivors left we have to look at where the current alliances stand. There is a lot pointing to the remaining Heroes and Hustlers teaming up against the remaining Healers, namely that a lot of Hustlers have been, well, allying with Heroes, chief among them Ryan and Chrissy.
  4. To me the swing votes looks like the trio of Ben, Lauren and Dr. Mike. Also we have two idols out there, so there is a potential for fireworks!
  5. 8:00 Previously on: Yellow tribe remains undefeated, Joe's game looking up (idol), and at the other tribe JP or Ali, Chrissy and Ryan send Ali home.
  6. 8:01 Chrissy thinks she is dominating the social game on her tribe. Why do I think this is supposed to be ironic?
  7. 8:01 Cole thinks his five trust each other explicitly... dude should have listened to the other people last week.
  8. 8:02 Ben seems open to the idea, but is still concerned about Cole. And his relationship with Jess.
  9. 8:02 Ashley thinks her tribe is broken and just seems very down. This tribe gets the sad music. Sad music tribe!
  10. 8:03 They are eating sugar for breakfast and walking like zombies. Why is this tribe so much worse off?
  11. 8:05 Ben isn't going to let one tribe steal the hungriest tribe hat.
  12. 8:05 We Merged! As Ben is saying this is where Survivor starts
  13. Think he is used to it? I think he is used to it.
  14. By the way, merge got me feeling like this:
  15. 8:09 Joe thinks he is in a good spot, though somehow he thinks Healers having 5 is enough... not sure about that.
  16. 8:10 Ugh there is a merge catch. Oh the catch is product placement. Jeff just called Outback "The Steak Authority" and said "No Rules, Just Right." And Ben flipped out at the thought of ribeye, and damn Joe wants his lava cake. I think these people actually really like Outback Steakhouse. At least more than Jack and Jill
  17. 8:12 Joe makes fun of Cole fainting and Cole is amazed they can order more.
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