1. Michael in West Virginia

    Many people do NOT KNOW, that if you become DISABLED, and your Social Security Income combined with your Spouse is MORE than what permits assistance via #Medicaid, the first 2 years, your have to obtain your OWN Health Insurance!

    I was in the First wave of People, with Back Failure Syndrome amongst a full sheet of Diagnoses, Nobody would give me a Policy! They might offer me one, Blue Cross for example offered me for 2,000 a month with a 2,000 Deductibe and NO Pharmacy or Dental Coverage a 80/20 policy. Yeah they offered me one, but they knew I couldn't and wouldn't take it, I'd have STARVED!

    Under the ACA, When I checked a box that indicated my Native American Heritage, I was Floored, thinking I was getting a 80/20 Blue Cross Policy, instead it paid 100%!!! Many people in Appalachia are of Native American Decent. I have a Same Sex Spouse, at that time, the State of West Virginia did not offer Domestic Partner Benefits nor did it recognize Same Sex Marriage.

    I and my partner of over 25 years are facing Financial RUIN! Without the #ACA, I would have not only been out of pocket but frankly I could never have paid all the co pays and Deductibles going to Collections and ruining my Credit Score.

    As an American, I am not Angry, I am just FLAT out DISGUSTED! That People in our Senate and House who all have a heck of a lot of FINANCIAL Assets who many never ran a SWEEPER to clean a carpet, can just toss people out in the STREET! Let them work in the ER's when people sit for 12 -16 hours get Prescriptions that they can't even get Filled because they don't have the MONEY!

    This is a HUMAN HOLOCAUST!
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