1. Golchin in Nevada

    I will be really hard for us to get insurance since I will be pre-condition under a new health care bill. We would love to start our family and new bill will make it really hard for us to do so. Having kids is all we talk about so please don't take that away from many of us.
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  3. Jennifer in Nevada

    If the ACA is repealed, my health care might go away and I could never afford continuing care for my atrial fibrillation, implanted pacemaker/defibrillator, and my husband's arthritic condition. When my battery runs out in four years, if I don't have health insurance I'll probably die or have to go bankrupt (which every time someone has to do that, all of our rates go up to compensate for it.) My brother also has heart trouble and relies upon his ACA-provided insurance; he is close to retirement and will need to know that Medicare will be there to cover his ongoing expenses or he will probably die. My grandchildren will be unable to visit the doctor if their health care is taken from them. And for what? So that the wealthy can have more while killing off the poor and the middle-class? Our government is supposed to work for our best interests, so why are they always trying to harm us to help corporations?
  4. Miranda in Nevada

    I suffer from chronic daily migraines and Major Depressive Disorder. Without medication, which I cannot afford, I will have zero quality of life and quite honestly, zero reason to go on.
  5. Amy in Nevada

    Because of the Medicaid expansion my daughter Bella just has scoliosis surgery. Her spine was twisting at a 70+ degree curve and impacting every aspect of her life. Without the surgery she would have faced a life in pain, and most likely a wheelchair. I'm very concerned about her recovery from surgery and if it's at risk of being limited by the draconian limits being introduced by the senate and house versions of trumpcare. Bella didn't ask to get scoliosis ..she was a normal, healthy and active child who's growth spurts in relation to her early periods caused her spine to twist. This was not something that was passed to her genetically, this wasn't choices she made. This just was something that happened, and thanks to Medicaid expansion provided in the ACA we were able to address. Please don't take that option away.
  6. Amy in Nevada

    My bladder has prolapsed twice, in attempting to get surgical care Pre ACA .. I was even denied access to ER services. I could not get a doctor, as I had no insurance because I was priced out of access to it. I was 'preexisting' I was 31y old when I was diagnosed with arthritis in 80% of my joints, including my spine. I was 37y in 2006 when the medical community started lying to me, telling me my spine was causing my bladder issues. It would be 2009 before I learned the truth, when I sent all of my testing out of state to a concerned friend. Once i knew, I stupidly found a local surgeon, who was protected by laws meant to deny my rights, while he demanded payment up front to save my life. Because I needed a hysterectomy. A simple surgery if I had been respected by the doctors I was trying to get answers from, had it been addressed sooner, before it prolapsed my uterus and my bladder. And became a life saving reality ...I didn't know I had options so i paid my money upfront for surgery, and the surgery failed..within 2 mo my bladder began prolapsing again. It would be another 3y before I would find another surgeon to actually give me care. Please visit my twitter moment for links to videos I shared while I was living the reality behind what trumpcare will offer for those who are targeted by it's hate and denial.
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