1. Leeann in Massachusetts

    I grew up in poverty I didn't have health insurance after traumatic sexual assault at age 14 I became pregnant I had 2 make the hardest decision to terminate the pregnancy thank God I was born at a time it was safe & legal I got no help or support & blamed myself for being assaulted my young life spiraled into alcohol & drugs I grew up in violence so during this time I got an std that lead to me being diagnosed with precervical cancer. I'm not a waste of a human being I'm as living, caring as they come. I thank God for planned parenthood for their support education an always non judgmental care that saved my life.
  2. Stephanie in Massachusetts

    I was born with hip dysplasia. I had surgery to correct it at 9 months old. At best, the issue was corrected to 85% of what a normal hip can do. In college, I had an active lifestyle and experienced lots of hip pain. I underwent four separate surgeries to fix cartilage that tore because of my dysplasia. That meant four sets of pre-op AND post-op MRIs or other scans, four sets of post-op hospital stays.

    In 2012, I had a Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO) to correct my dysplasia one last time. if it didn't work, I'd need a hip replacement. It was an invasive surgery with a long recovery: 1 week in the hospital post-op, multiple PT appointments, 4 months out of work (and on short-term disability), and many follow-up appointments with scans and tests.

    I experienced a severe complication 1 month post-op which resulted in 2 separate ambulance rides, 2 sets of scans and ultrasounds (the issue wasn't properly diagnosed the first time), and emergency exploratory abdominal surgery. I almost died because of that complication. The incredible staff at Yale New Haven saved my life. After another hospital stay and more follow-ups, I recovered and underwent surgery one final time 7 months post-op to remove hardware installed during the PAO.

    In just 27 years, my family and I racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. In recent years, insurance covered everything but my deductibles so ultimately, I paid less than $5k.

    I'm honestly not sure what repeal of the ACA means for me, but I guarantee it'll make life harder for a lot of people. I was lucky to have insurance that covered my health issues. Under Trumpcare, I don't know that I could say the same. I'm guaranteed to be considered a pre-existing condition because of my dysplasia (though corrected, and without issue for five years now), and because the emergency surgery I had after the PAO was to remove an ovarian cyst that had hemorrhaged. They couldn't save my ovary, so I expect that complicates things if I ever decide to start a family. Trumpcare has vowed to increase premiums and lower coverage for pregnancies and maternity care. This will effect me even more so because of my reproductive complications.

    Please, vote No on any bill that repeals the ACA. Save my care. Save care for millions of Americans.

    Thank you.
  3. Lora in Massachusetts

    I had a knee replacement and subsequent postoperative infection. My insurance covered two full weeks of hospitalization, visiting nursing care and 6months of physical therapy. It also covered the care of an infectious disease doctor, numerous tests and outpatient services. Without insurance coverage, I would be unable to walk without devastating pain. Insurance allowed me to resume my life and go back to work.

    I request that theSenate Bill be amended to require that employer and private insurance include rehabilitative care, hospitalization, outpatient care, and labs as essential services, and that no subsequent BCRA Amendment in 2017 can remove such services.
  4. Thea in Massachusetts

    My friend’s wife had a relatively minor stroke in her late 50’s. As a result of the stroke, she needs daily medication to go along with the physical and occupational therapy she had to have. She is now working again but might not have been able to return to work without rehabilitation services. She also currently relies on medication to maintain her health.

    Please amend the Better Care Reconciliation Bill to eliminate lifetime caps on all 10 essential services as defined by the Affordable Care Act and require that all employers offer the broadest coverage required by any state in which they do business.
  5. Pam in Massachusetts

    Ten years ago, I found an abdominal lump that ultrasound revealed to be a potentially cancerous ovarian cyst. My CA 125 test for ovarian cancer was negative, however, and a local surgeon therefore offered to remove the cyst laparoscopically by chopping it up and pulling out the pieces. Thanks to a second opinion with a Dana Farber surgeon,I learned that particular test for ovarian cancer is incorrect 50% of the time until the cancer has spread beyond the ovary. The Dana Farber surgeon successfully removed the cyst, which was later found to be cancerous.

    If I had not been covered for second opinions and laboratory tests, I might not be alive today.
    Please amend the BCRA so that all the services currently available under the ACA continue to be required in all employer and private BCRA insurance policies and that such services are also covered by Medicaid.
  6. Amy in Massachusetts

    A friend’s daughter,diagnosed with liver disease soon after birth, required many services and medications. Her family hoped for a transplant, however even after moving to another state with more likelihood for a transplant, she did not survive.

    I request that the Senate Better Care Reconciliation Bill be amended so that that everyone legally in this country has insurance for congenital and pre-existing conditions for at minimum, all ten essential services as defined in the Affordable Care Act, and that people seeking treatment for chronic illness not be denied or restricted because they cannot afford private insurance. There cannot be a cap on medical expenses incurred for treatment of chronic illness.
  7. Margaret in Massachusetts

    My mother-in-law is at a point physically and mentally where she must be moved to a nursing home. She worked hard all her life and has good savings, but her resources will be depleted within two years. At that point,she would be covered by Medicaid, which currently covers two-thirds of all people in nursing homes. The drastic reduction toMedicaid funding in the BCRA is a huge concern to our family.

    Please amend the BCRA to continue the expansion of Medicaid underlying Obamacare and continue the federal funding for the original program.
  8. Andrea in Massachusetts

    I was at the Boston Marathon in 2013, the year I which terrorists bombed the finish line, and I have a special feeling for those who were injured. Many the victims required multiple operations, rehabilitation, and prostheses. Even with insurance policies and the One Fund, several have already gone bankrupt, and more are sure to follow.

    According to Kathryn Watson of CBS News, the Senate bill will allow states to opt out of offering essential services like rehabilitation. I propose that the BCRA be amended so that no victim of a terrorist attack be denied treatment or coverage for any of the ten essential services set forth in the Affordable Care Act. Since no one knows in advance what will befall them, all potential victims of a terrorist attack should be entitled to such protection as well. In other words: all of us.
  9. S.T. in Massachusetts

    At the age of fifty-seven (57) I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and put on several blood thinners to avoid potential blood clots. Two years later I suffered an Embolic stroke from a clot which developed in my heart. This happened even though, I was having blood tests every three weeks and was very reliable about taking my medication. As a result of the stroke I require daily medication and required physical and occupational therapy. I am quite concerned about life-time caps, the cost of medication, and the possibility that essential services will be restricted to eliminate the ongoing medical monitoring and services that I need. I also worry that I will never be able to change healthcare providers due to this pre-existing medical condition.

    Please amend the Better Care Reconciliation Bill to eliminate life time caps on all 10 essential services as defined by the Affordable Care Act and require that all employers offer the broadest coverage required by any state in which they do business.
  10. Nancer in Massachusetts

    I am pretty healthy. For many years I barely used my health insurance. Until I was attacked by a dog while running, and my writing arm and hand were “partially degloved” --which is pretty terrifying when you aren’t wearing gloves. It would have been even more terrifying, if I hadn’t had insurance coverage for the three surgeries,hospitalizations, intravenous and oral medications, visiting nurses, dressing care,occupational therapy, physical therapy, and the PTSD therapy that I needed to return to work and, eventually, to running.

    Please amend the BCRA to continue the requirement that insurance cover the ten essential health benefits required under the AffordableCare Act without lifetime caps or deductibles that exceed those allowed under the ACA. Health Insurance allows life to go on when something you never thought would happen occurs. It allows people to return to work and return to contributing to the economy. It prevents families from going bankrupt.
  11. Karin in Massachusetts

    I am concerned that people who are victims of terrorism will not get the services they need if the BCRA is enacted. A friend of mine ran the Boston Marathon in 2013, the year of the bombing. Victims of that incident required endless surgeries to save limbs, had limbs amputated, prostheses required, and many lost their jobs due to an inability to work. Without Medicaid, they may not be able to receive the treatment they needed. If this bill is passed, how many innocent victims of terrorism will die or go bankrupt after the next act of terrorism or violence?

    Please amend the BCRA and/or AHCA so that all victims of terrorism or violence are covered for the 10 Essential Services mandated by the ACA with no lifetime caps.
  12. Margaret in Massachusetts

    My daughter has a job at a small company that is unable to provide health insurance for its employees. She has good insurance through Obamacare. Because the BCRA allows states to waive essential health benefits,she could potentially be one of the young people able to get insurance at a lower cost. However, she may not have coverage for pre-natal and natal services should she become pregnant. This is not a benefit to her or any children she may have.

    Please amend the BCRA continue the requirementfor insurance to cover the essential health benefits.
  13. David and Laura in Massachusetts

    Our 26-year-old son had a stroke and required emergency open-heart surgery. This involved weeks of hospitalization and the intervention of world-class doctors. If we hadn’t had the option of keeping him on our health insurance policy after he graduated from college, or our health insurance policy hadn’t covered all of the 10 EssentialServices in the Affordable Care At our family would have incurred crippling debts that would have tragically affected our lives.

    We urge that the BetterCare Reconciliation Act be amended to require that all 10 Essential Services mandated by the Affordable Care Act continue to be required in all BCRA insurance policies.
  14. Laurie in Massachusetts

    My breast cancer was detected early, after I felt a lump in my armpit. I was very fortunate. I had a biopsy and then a complete mastectomy but because it was caught early I did not need radiation or chemotherapy.

    Breast cancer is extremely common. About 1 in 8 women will get it. It is also the second deadliest type of cancer for women. Over 240,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and 40,000 die from it.

    Many women depend upon Planned Parenthood for their breast exams. Regular breast cancer screenings and mammograms enable early detection of breast cancer and extend women’s’ lives by many years. It is unconscionable to place women’s lives at risk when breast cancer can be caught early because some people object to family planning counseling.

    Please amend the BCRA to provide funding for breast exams and other non-abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood. Also, I urge that theBCRA be amended so that no one can be denied insurance or Medicaid directly or indirectly because of a pre-existing cancer condition. Children should not lose their mothers because Congress wants to give a tax cut to the wealthy.
  15. Susan in Massachusetts

    I have rheumatoid arthritis,and I am on self-injected medication that I must take twice a month, along with five oral medications. The retail cost of my medications is over $6,000 a month. Because my income is low, my medication cost is covered by Medicaid although I do have a $25 co-pay. If I were to lose Medicaid now, or in the next ten years, my medical expenses would likely exceed my ability to find a job that would pay for them, and I would end up in a wheel chair or worse.

    Please amend the BCRA to eliminate the proposed cuts in Medicaid and require that prescriptions be offered as a required Essential Service. I understand that 45% of the $800 billion-dollar tax cut being proposed in the Senate bill will go to people earning in excess of $850,000 per year. I have not heard any of them claiming that they need to put me and others like me in wheel chairs or worse so that they can get a tax cut.
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