1. Andrea in Alabama

    I am a counselor who works with the mentally ill and substance abuse population. These people would go completely untreated if this horrible bill passes. Not only that, but I would have to close my practice. I just eek by as it is on insurance payments to me from companies who want me to wait up to three months to be paid for services delivered to clients in desperate need of care. This bill would mean that I would have to close my practice--which would be a loss of income for my family. Not only that, but hospitals and other treatment organizations will also close as a result of this horrible plan. This means that it will change the economy of the entire nation. But that's not the only effect it will have on me. I am 65 years old. Which means that I will have to pay far more than everyone else for my premiums. So now I will lose my job, and still have to pay more for premiums, which means that I will not be able to afford them--and I will cancel my insurance. This means that if I become ill I am not likely to seek care, and I could become very ill or even die. So, now, a valuable service that I deliver with integrity and compassion will be put out of business. The people that I serve will be harmed and may commit suicide because their services are stopped. And I will not be allowed insurance which means I could die. Tell me, please, how you can possibly call this health"care". It isn't care at all. It is irresponsible, loose cannon politics.
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