Derek Glasser live tweets a Pac-12 Classic

Former ASU guard Derek Glasser took over the @Pac12Networks Twitter account on Tuesday night to bring us his memories of his team's 2009 NCAA Tournament victory over the Temple Owls. Here's a sampling of the conversation.

  1. The first round victory by ASU over Temple was a career night for Glasser, whose effort propelled the Sun Devils to their first tournament win since 2003.
  2. Almost immediately, two of Glasser's coaches at Arizona State, Scott Pera and Lamont Smith, weighed in with their memories of that big day in Miami.
  3. Throughout the first half, Derek shared his memories of playing at ASU in both this game and over his career in Tempe, including talking about his time on the floor with James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph.
  4. During the broadcast, Glasser took the time to answer some questions from ASU fans who were watching and tweeting along.
  5. As the game wound down, Glasser reflected on what a big moment the victory was for him and his teammates.
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