Empty promises: G20 subsidies to fossil fuel production #ffsG20

New research by ODI and Oil Change International calculates - for the first time - total subsidies from G20 governments to oil, gas, and coal production.

  1. As G20 leaders prepared to gather at their annual summit in Turkey, a new report by ODI and Oil Change International reveals that G20 countries are subsidising fossil fuel production by $452 billion a year:
  2. Watch the animation:
  3. Fossil fuel subsidies: G20 spends billions to push us closer to climate disaster
  4. Top economists from G20 countries, including Ha-Joon Chang and Jeffrey Sachs, wrote to newspapers calling on their governments to declare a 'robust timetable for action' to end fossil fuel subsidies:
  5. Download the infographics:
  6. Global media picked up the story:
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