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  2. Welcome. You are now and forever shall be a Wildcat! Go Cats! Enjoy your time at Northwestern!
  3. Love learning, and trust the education you are about to receive is one of the best in the world!
  4. Visit Chicago when you can, enjoy Evanston's food scene, don't take yourself too seriously, use office hours when you need help, and make friends. My oldest, best friends I made at NU. On every level, it's the best university in the country. Go Cats!
  5. Study abroad!!!!!!! Also, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the diversity of classes and people that NU has to offer!
  6. Find some time for yourself, also find a good place where you can close out the rest of the world for study, and don't be afraid to try some courses you are simply interested in -- even if they are not directly applicable to your major, this is the last time you will be able to do that. And it expands your horizons. And by all means enjoy yourself!
  7. First time it snows, take the el downtown and walk down Michigan Ave after dark (in the safety of a group of course)
  8. Be open-minded and try many things. Some of your classmates are the best actors, musicians, and athletes in the country. Take advantage of that. Watch them perform and support them. And go to the football and basketball games! Start this Saturday if you can. Also, be prepared to learn just as much from your classmates and their experiences as you will from your classes.
  9. Use the InterCampus Shuttle and explore downtown Chicago!
  10. Don't become obsessed with grades to the point where you're avoiding courses that are difficult. Twenty years from now, no one will care what your GPA was.
  11. Be proud of what youve accomplished so far Keep working hard. Remember to have FUN. Best of luck!!! Go cats!!
  12. Take a few computer science courses and learn some programming and SQL! Go 'Cats!
  13. Play intramural co-ed touch football....that's how I met my lovely wife 23 years ago!
  14. Take advantage of as many events and activities as you can. Make great friends. Stay up late talking. Work hard. Appreciate the campus, the professors, the wonderful people you meet. Take time to look at the Lake and enjoy the beauty of the campus in all the seasons. Have a great time!
  15. Go to the football games and stay until the end!
  16. Hang in there! It's tough, it takes what seems like forever, but you can do it.
  17. Spend lots of time in Chicago. Such a great city!
  18. Seek out the Deering Library when you have a chance. Don't think that the stacks are all there is to the library. My kids think of it as Hogwarts, and I wouldn't disagree with them on that.
  19. Put academics b4 partying!!! And take advantage of all those restaurant/store discounts you get downtown Evanston with your Wildcat card!!!
  20. Don't surround yourself with people like you, expand your comfort zone
  21. Watch out for the Freshman 15lbs. Actually go to SPAC and use it for your health and to release stress.
  22. There are a lot of smart people at this school. Just remember that you're one of them too!
  23. Study like crazy--but don't forget to have fun! It's college, and it only happens once. Meet your neighbors, join some clubs, go to campus events, and explore Evanston and Chicago. Make the most of the amazing experience that is NU!
  24. Time management. That's the hardest part. Also don't schedule an 8AM calculus class...I'm just sayin'! Enjoy!
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