WW2 in art and culture in Greece

It is claimed that the years of warfare are a backdrop for arts. However, the war is often the subject of popular culture, whether in the form of literature, poetry, photography, engraving, popular songs or painting, etc. You can admire what the 3rd J.High School of Chania students have produced.

  1. The poetic activities throughout the Occupation and resistance periods was a 'kravyi" (scream), a unified expression by means of art.
  2. There is a wide range of ways in which intellectual people in Greece involved events in the WWII time period and expressed their feelings and thoughts towards the atrocity of the war.Those years of conflict figure prominently in many works produced back then, samples of which follow.
  3. The Occupation Diary
    This journal was written by George Ioannou and it was published in 2000. It is an an account of the author’s war experiences while he was a child. Its value lies not to its literary worth, but rather to the innocence and sincereness of a child’s account!
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