1. It sounds like Dirk Nowitzki will finish his career with the Mavericks.
  2. Shooters will always be in demand.
  3. Where is the Otto Porter paperwork?
  4. Zach Randolph's number is being retired by the Memphis Grizzlies.
  5. The Pacers are trying to fix their cap situation.
  6. Jae Crowder for Gordon Hayward?
  7. Dion Waiters officially back to Miami.
  8. The Thunder brought back one of the NBA's best wing defenders.
  9. The breakup of the Grizzlies could continue with a Tony Allen trade.
  10. Kelly Olynyk has suddenly become a popular free agent.
  11. Rondo to the Knicks?
  12. Dion Waiters has narrowed down his potential suitors.
  13. Nick Young is headed to the Warriors. The best shooting team adding more shooters.
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