Why modern farming should include perennial grains

Here are the most interesting takeaways from the Food Tank Webinar!

  1. The Land Institute is an organization aiming to reshape current destructive agricultural practices. They are dedicated to increasing awareness of perennial grain crops. 
  2. There are some significant troubles in agriculture facing us...
  3. Annual crops are destroying our land, resources, and soil quality.
  4. BUT we have some promising solutions:
  5. We "need to begin relying on crops that function more like natural plant communities." - Jerry Glover 

    Perennial grain crops are plants that regenerate themselves each year and survive through a deep network of roots. They can help to both build and protect the soil.
  6. Rhoda, a Malawian widow, has sustainably increased the output of her half hectare of land to feed her family through the use of perennial tree crops and other improved agricultural practices. Rhoda is providing rich opportunities to her children and grandchildren through transforming her farm.
  7. The doubled-up legume system, implemented in Africa, is an improved agricultural practice utilizing perennial crops.

    By providing multiple harvests, the perennial crop would increase farmers' incomes as well as prevent erosion, conserve nutrition, and provide ground cover.
  8. "The next step is the development of perennial versions of the major grain crops: wheat, maize, rice, sorghum, oil seed crops, legumes." - Jerry Glover
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