UNL professor speaks about misuse of drones

  1. For the 2017 fall Nebraska Lecture, Matt Waite, a professor of practice in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNL, gave a talk about drones and how the technology's potential is being wasted by government regulations and everyday people.
  2. Waite listed these in addition to other barriers like getting a pilot's license, taking a test and getting a commercial license in order to fly drones. He said the process was especially burdensome in the beginning because the qualifications changed as he was in the process of fulfilling them.
  3. This was before the FAA set up a process for people to legally fly drones.
  4. But the FAA and other government regulations aren't the only way in which drones are mistreated.
  5. Waite said it boils down to people disregarding safety on one hand and over exaggerating risks on the other.
  6. At the end of his lecture, Waite offered a guide for how people and government should view drones going forward.
  7. He also answered questions from the audience:
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