The Political Futures Tracker #BBCdebate

This live blog wiIl provide real time analysis on the #BBCdebate. From build up to aftermath, the #PoliticalFuturesTracker from Nesta will analyse the top themes that Leaders are debating, and how people respond to these themes on Twitter.

  1. This evening at 8pm on BBC One and Radio 5 Live, the leaders of the main opposition parties will go head-to-head in a live debate moderated by David Dimbleby.
  2. Labour leader Ed Miliband, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, UKIP's Nigel Farage, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood will answer and debate questions from a live studio audience.
  3. The BBC outline running order for questions, debate format and what to watch out for on the page below...
  4. The Political Futures Tracker will analyse all tweets that use the hashtag #BBCdebate to understand what themes people are most engaged with, what hashtags they are using and the sentiment, negative to positive, which they express about certain themes and hashtags.
  5. To get a handle on what their debate priorities might be, we analysed the party manifestos that have been released so far (all but the SNP participating in the debate have released their manifesto). The Political Futures Tracker enabled exploration of the big manifesto themes, what sentiment parties expressed about them, and how future thinking they are (which is how far into the future they are writing about, when they mention different themes).
  6. The Build Up
  7. We can see that on almost all themes Plaid Cymru are overwhelmingly positive - Wales is the undisputed top theme for Plaid Cymru, but also featuring firmly in the top 10 are the UK economy, Business and Enterprise, and Employment.
  8. The UK Economy is the most important theme in Labour's manifesto - Immigration does not feature in the top 20 themes.
  9. Europe is UKIP's top theme - immigration is 11th. There has been far less emphasis on Immigration seen across party all manifestos, as mentioned Immigration did not feature in Labour's top 20 themes whatsoever, and aligned with findings here, YouGov find that Public Health has overtaken immigration as an electoral priority for voters.
  10. The UK Economy is also the top manifesto theme for the Greens - in the manifesto, the party are very positive about Europe, Arts and Culture and Community and society.
  11. The SNP have not yet released their manifesto, so analysis is not available here. But we can see from their top themes last month that the party focuses on Scotland, with secondary emphasis on the UK Economy. The SNP mention other themes in their Top 10 with similar frequency - including Tax, Business and Immigration.
  12. Top themes of the day on #BBCdebate
  13. Ahead of the debate at 8pm the top theme used with the #BBCdebate hashtag is Media and communications - we saw this ahead of the #Leadersdebate - as the media storm brews...
  14. Wales comes second, and Immigration third - a sign of top themes to come?
  15. The #BBCdebate Worm
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