Political Futures Tracker #LeadersDebate

This live blog wiIl provide real time analysis on the ITV #LeadersDebate. From build up to aftermath, the #PoliticalFuturesTracker from Nesta will analyse the top themes that Leaders are debating, and how people respond to these themes on Twitter.

  1. The Parties
  2. There will be 7 leaders participating in the debate this evening, from 8-10pm. This Guardian article outlines the format and running order ...
  3. The Political Futures Tracker will analyse all tweets that use the hashtag #LeadersDebate to understand what themes people are most engaged with, what hashtags they are using and the sentiment, negative to positive, that they express about certain themes and hashtags.
  4. To get a handle on what their debate priorities might be, we look initially at top Twitter themes for each party over the past week.
  5. We also looked at the top themes for the week running up to Thursday 26th March, see the blog on our website below.
  6. This week ...
  7. Plaid Cymru - Wales is top, with Scotland, Tax and Employment all featuring in their most mentioned 10 Themes.
  8. On Tuesday Plaid Cymru released their manifesto, we used the Political Futures Tracker to analyse how future thinking the party is about top themes and what sentiment they attach to them. We will be analysing other party manifestos as they are released over the coming weeks.
  9. Conservatives - UK Economy, Employment and Tax are top. We saw that these themes were commonly mentioned by David Cameron in the #BattleForNumber10 last Thursday.
  10. Green Party - the only party to feature Climate Change in their Top 10 Themes, the Green Party also focus on the NHS, Immigration and Community.
  11. Labour - in the #BattleForNumber10, we saw the NHS mentioned frequently with generally positive sentiment associated, but a small proportion of negative feedback from debate followers on Twitter.
  12. We see that the NHS is again featured in the Top 5 Themes, alongside the UK Economy Tax and Employment.
  13. UKIP - a focus on Europe and the UK Economy, alongside Immigration, echoes the Top Themes expressed by UKIP in previous weeks.
  14. Liberal Democrats - Public Health and the NHS are frequently mentioned by the Lib Dems, Schools and Community are also often mentioned - both in the Top 10.
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