1. Protestors continued to rally after Tim Wolfe resigned from his position of University of Missouri system president today (Nov. 9). The announcement drew national attention and became a "top trend" on Twitter.
  2. Increasing protests in response to Wolfe's handling of racial issues on campus provoked his resignation.
  3. The Missouri Students Association sent an open letter to the Board of Curators noting:
  4. "While we recognize that the burden of systemic oppression does not fall entirely on his shoulders, as the leader of this system it is his sole prerogative to listen and respond to students. He has failed in this completely."
  5. Wolfe's resignation announcement lead to a frenzy, which caused tension between members of the media and protestors.
  6. A reporter for the Columbia Missourian, Jack Witthaus, was a guest on The Martin Kilcoyne Show (@martinkilcoyne2) this morning and said,
  7. "Students and faculty and staff have linked arms around the Carnahan Quad here where the campsite is and have been telling the media to stay away, but we’ve been trying to get photos and send back what’s going on."
  8. Protestors blocking out the media caused some confusion amongst reporters.
  9. Protestors have been occupying Carnahan Quad since Nov. 2 ...
  10. ... and declared the campsite a "safe space."
  11. To learn more about the causes leading to Wolfe's resignation, check out the Columbia Missourian's chronological list of events.
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