MuseomixBE 2016 - Day 1

3 days of creative marathon in the MAS museum

  1. 8:30 in the morning. The first participants (the 'museomixers') arrives and we're getting ready!
  2. After everyone's arrival, small tour around the museum to explore the 'playgrounds' - the team's challenges for this 3 days.
  3. 11:00 - After the tour, it's time to choose! The museomixers seperate each other in teams, depending on the playground they want to explore...
  4. ...and start to think about what they could create.
  5. Oh and also. Look how awesome the view is!
  6. 12:30 - After the first reflexions, small break. Thanks god we can eat.
  7. After lunch: Time to brainstorm!
  8. 18:00 - Time for the plenary. The teams of museomixers present their first ideas.
  9. ...and the different presentations are already quite inspiring.
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