#EdTechBridge chat: Wednesday, 6/18

Building Relationships between Teachers and #EdTech developers at #EdTech conferences

  1. Q1:Have you been to an #edtech conference as a Teacher or Dev? What was your experience like?
    Q2:How can Ts and Devs better communicate and share ideas during a conference/convention?
    Q3:What is your best piece of advice for Devs at a conference? For Ts?
    Q4:How do you go about establishing contact with people you want to meet at a conference?
    Q5:What is your strategy / experience with following up after a conference?
    Q6:Are you going to #ISTE14 in Atlanta next week? What are you looking forward to/dreading?
    Q7:We want to plan an #edtechbridge meet up at ISTE? Does 7pm Sat at Welcome party or 5:15 pm Sunday work for you?
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