Complete Transcript: #EdTechBridge 7/30/2014

Topic: Game Based Learning, #EdTechBridge style!

  1. Special thanks to co-moderators Cameron White (@cameronwhite) and Julia Winters (@OChemPrep).

    Q1:What is your experience using/designing games for learning in the classroom?
    Q2:What is different in your experience between using edgames vs edtech?
    Q3:What should every (ed)game designer know about how kids use games in school?
    Q4:Fill in the blank: We would use more games for learning in school if . . .
    Q5:How can game devs include teachers and students in their design process?
    Q6:What advice would you give teachers who want to get started using games for learning?
    Q7:What are some of your fav games to use in a learning setting? Why?
    Q8:Suggested topics for our next chat?
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