Mixed reactions trail Adeboye's retirement as GO, Nigeria

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria on Saturday during ministers thanksgiving, announced his retirement as the General Overseer of the Church in Nigeria. These are some of the views expressed by a few

  1. Ayodele Fayose..“There is one thing every government must not do, the moment you face the church of God, you will fail. The God of Adeboye, Kumuyi will bring down all the enemies in this government. Somebody must tell them, there are certain things you don’t do. They are going from frying pan to fire.
  2. ed onyearmy • 11 minutes ago
    They're not capable of rational thinking
  3. Yawe1 Osibisa • 7 minutes ago
  4. ed tundemash • 12 hours ago
    The law were never passed by any legislature or signed by any president period.
    The regulations that were intended to regulate financial institutions are being used to set terms limit for the Christian leadership. The regulations of churches election by the Buhari regime-using the code is troubling.
    President enforces the law that they choose. President Buhari agency that's responsible for the regulations of churches has gone too far. That's the point.
  5. Inieke Akpan Ekuma • an hour ago
    There are so many cases of disagreements pending in courts instituted by pastors, church committee that are of the samechurch and faith demanding for a change in leadership, church name or accountability. A question at hand is why didn't those who protests did so when the law was made in 2011?. Where was FFK, Christian Sanators and other advocate.
  6. Owaikhena • 3 hours ago
    The regulation was made under a supposed Christian President, Goodluck Jonathan and the head of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria(that came out with the regulation) is John Obazee, another Christian. So, I wonder who is targeting the Church. People should making informed comments.
  7. Sola Akinwande • 3 hours ago
    Without being heretical, I think we (ALL)must respect the law of the land. Romans 13: 1-8.
  8. AvatarBM • 2 hours ago
    I still don't understand the reason behind all these noise about retirement. Does it mean a founder of an organization can't train anyone over 20 years to make him suitable for succeeding him??????At least most of today's multi-national companies doing well are not presently being managed by their founders.
  9. Omooba A • a day ago
    The overseer should also understand that he and his followers are Nigerians first before they become Christians. There is a Constitution that all Nigerians abide by and it shouldn't discriminate between xtians or other religions. The pastors were employed by the church and are subject to similar treatment for all Nigerian workers. Since the corporate church don't pay taxes like other corporations, those employed by them are subject to taxation - that is taxation 101. I hope that this overseer is not thinking that his support for Fayose is enough reason for this government to put their searchlight on religion. He should be told that whatever law enacted on religion will equally apply to xtianity and other religions too.
  10. Avatar
    oyoko • 3 hours ago
    There is nothing to study and react to,other than to implement it, my Pastor. Where were we when this law was promulgated in 2011. None of us could argue against it then, because it was targeted to Pastor Bakare. We also look the other side, because of sentiment and the money we were collecting from the Man of the moment. The law has caught up with us and now we are confuse. If you are to ask me for advise, i will tell you to listen to the Govt, just as it was in the days of Abraham, "go back and listen to your wife - Sarah" Daddy_GO, has laid a good example, and that is just the way it is!
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