First Encounter Between Calder Valley Candidates Goes Better For One Than the Other

Lib Dem Candidate @A_C_McGregor and Labour candidate @JoshFG had a brief discussion on twitter this evening. I'll leave you to decide which one came off best (because I might be slightly biased).

  1. It all started innocently enough; Alisdair talking to somebody about his views on the Labour party
  2. (which is a view I entirely agree with, despite - or perhaps because of - my avowedly lefty leanings)
  3. Clearly this got Josh's back up and he made a veiled accusation of Toryism
  4. ... which prompted a robust response
  5. (with maybe a bit of cheerleading from the local party chair elect)
  6. Josh decided that the best line of attack to all this was to have a go at a typo...
  7. But then, as is the way of these things, made one of his own
  8. Ooops... 
  9. At this point more people started joining in
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