Matt Kemp's Album

Is Sam crazy? No.

  1. In Episode 996, Sam mentioned that five or so years ago he saw a tweet about Matt Kemp "in the studio" to record his first album. But what happened to this tweet? What happened to the album?
  2. Was his Twitter username originally @mattkemp27? This account has been deleted but evidence remains.
  3. And Kemp wasn't alone:
  4. Fans remembered:
  5. But that's not the end of the story (or the beginning) because these are just references. The original tweet by @mattkemp27 goes back to at least 11/4/2009. Thankfully, Dodgers fans on niketalk documented it.
  6. Why did he delete his old twitter account? What happened to the album? The world may never know...but it was recorded.
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