Gifachrome - Have you got yours, yet?

Many happy beta testers and staff have received a varied set of packages from our Headquarters. Look at some lovely photos here and tweet you photo as soon as it arrives. There is still time before Friday's launch. Details below.

  1. Listen at  19.00 GMT - Music by non other than the Headless Inkspots with a live interview!
  2. Let's rejoice with those chosen few who have received that package….
  3. This were the lucky family who received their box first!
  4. Some beta testers have continued to send us their creations. It looks like our cameras are standing up well in all sorts of conditions. Contrary to rumours by sensationalist journalists that the technology is not yet sound.
  5. Some have even caught on camera some very rare species indeed!
  6. But not all is happy news. Our mascot is sad as some potential customers doubt we are real
  7. But Gifadog was quick to respond:
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