Mental Health Top Tips from UoM Staff and Students

On #WorldMentalHealthDay, Manchester Global Health Society asked University of Manchester Staff & Students to share with us their Top Tips on looking after your Mental Health as part of our ongoing Global Mental Health Awareness campaign.

  1. We set off on the morning of World Mental Health Day to talk with staff and students around the University of Manchester's Oxford Road Campus, and ask about their personal Top Tips for looking after your mental health...
  2. Lemn Sissay, Chancellor of the University of Manchester, spared a moment to share a Top Tip with us - staying well hydrated and fed is also a big and often ignored part of our Mental Health!
  3. We started our journey around campus at the Stopford Building, home of the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (FBMH) and Manchester Medical School.
  4. Ali and Andre talked to us about the importance of the peer mentorship scheme in the Medical School - having been through the same experience of First Year, our 'Medic Parents' are often an invaluable source of friendship, advice, and support.
  5. Whilst at the Stopford Building we visited the CSLC, the Consultation Skills Learning Centre, where we talked to Simulated Patients and Communications Skills staff...
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