Twitter chat # 2

This is actually the first chat I participated in (despite its name). This was the #edtechchat that took place on April 13.

  1. Question 1a generated a flurry of responses...
  2. I very much appreciated question 2 of this chat. I understood question 1a but I had a difficult time following many of the responses since I have never participated in a "makers space"
  3. Mike's response helped me figure out what the "maker space" - which was the focus of the whole chat - actually is!
  4. I also thought this response was very helpful. Makers spaces can be very different depending on the current project and the goals of the project. Each maker space can be different from others.
  5. I also liked this idea that makers spaces should allow students to be passionate about their work by connecting with what they already know they like to do.
  6. Oh tinkering. I have worked with elementary aged students and "helped" them tinker many different times. Now I really understand what a makers space is. It is a space for students to follow their imaginations in quest of answering their own questions or in quest of finding more questions.
  7. I loved this visual. Reflecting on this chat today made me think of "A New Culture of Learning" and connecting to students tacile knowledge as well as their interests.
  8. Great question! I have been wondering this one all semester. I was very excited to get some great ideas.
  9. This article had some very practical suggestions. Great read! There were several suggestions for less expensive equipment that can be used that I had never heard of (like a 3D doodler).
  10. I have had several different people mention @DonorsChoose to me this year. I will definitely learn how to apply this year!
  11. Mike's comments were also super helpful. I would love to work somewhere where I can combine resources/facilities with other teachers and other schools. How do I begin to build this collaboration if it is not already part of the school culture where I work?
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