The stages of an AP/honors student throughout a semester

We're all in the same boat here.

  1. Before the first day of the semester
  2. This is it. This is a clean slate, this is a fresh new start. Forget about the semesters of yesteryear and make this semester the best one. This time around, you won't slack off on homework and you'll actually pay attention in class. People may say that your classes are too hard, that you bit off more than you can chew, but you'll actually do all the reading this time, you promise! It's a new semester and it's a new you.
  3. The first classes
  4. You have all of your notebooks organized and pencil sharpened, and you are ready to face the day. And then they hit you with the syllabus. Teachers seem to think that you, a high school student, are unable to read the syllabus on your own and need every little thing explained to you in excruciating detail. Get ready for the longest 83 minutes of your life.
  5. The first week of school
  6. At this point, you might be reconsidering the classes you decided to take-- although you'll never admit it. The three essays, five hours of homework per night, and quizzes every period have already started to take a toll on you. Your teacher handing back the first test, the test that you failed, is the final nail in the coffin. How are you going to manage twelve more weeks of this?
  7. When you get an A on a major grade you thought you bombed
  8. You know the feeling: when you didn't prepare for a test or finished a project at the last minute but you manage to pull through with an A anyways. This is proof that miracles do exist, in your opinion.
  9. A halfway through the semester
  10. Sleep? You don't know her. Your stress is at an all time high, and you haven't gotten more than four hours of sleep per night this entire week in an attempt to keep up with your coursework. A breakdown seems to be just around the corner.
  11. Giving up on homework
  12. It's just too much homework, and you are too tired to actually do it. Maybe you'll skip homework for today... one day won't do much harm, right? Except you do it again the next day, and then all of next week, and the next thing you know you haven't done your homework for a month now.
  13. Checking your grades in Powerschools
  14. The most nerve-wracking experience for any student is the minute between logging into Powerschools and when the page loads-- especially after a test or project you're sure you failed. That's if Powerschools decides to work at all. And when you finally see your grade, you want to smash your computer out of sheer frustration. Yeah, the grade was that bad.
  15. Trying to bring your grade back up
  16. It's starting to near the end of the semester and your grade is still not where you want it. Trying to bring your grade up after months of slacking off is near impossible, and you start to regret leaving everything to the last minute-- again.
  17. Finally breaking down
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