This is how feminists party: Flirty Thirty Festival

On October 5th, Amsterdam was the place to be! The MC Theater exploded as Mama Cash celebrated her 30th birthday bash; burlesque, activism, feminism, sex worker monopoly, workshops and intense debates - it was all there. But don't just take our word for it. The buzz was loud on Twitter and Facebook!

  1. One of the highlights of the festival was the opening of a fierce photo exhibition about trans bodies and trans identities, created by Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad (OTD) in Chile. Pictured below are Amanda Gigler from Mama Cash and Andrés Rivera from OTD.
  2. Mama Cash's Executive Director Nicky McIntyre made a spectacular surprise entrance after the burlesque opening by Miss Whips. Glitter and feminism!
  3. The opening debate was moderated by Kirsten van der Hul, who spoke first with Jet Bussemaker (Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science), Shirin Musa of Femmes for Freedom, and Marjorie Boston (creative director at MC Theater).
  4. During the second round of the debate, Kirsten spoke to Jessica Horn (board member Mama Cash), Zoe Gudovic (Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Serbia), Liz Hilton (Empower, Thailand) and Wanja Muguongo (UHAI,Kenia).
  5. Singer and women's rights activist Karla Lara from Honduras gave an emotional performance, dedicated to her children, who are currently in exile due to threats they received about their own activism.
  6. Middle East correspondent Monique Samuel interviewed Farah Salka of Nasawiya, a radical feminist collective in Beirut, about her experiences in the struggle for women's rights in the Middle East. 
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  8. Mail & Female kicked off the workshop 'Self-love' with an elaborate talk on sex toys and strengthening your sex muscles. All clothes stayed on though! 
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  10. In the second part of the workshop, Polish organisation Ponton shared their experiences on educating young people about sexuality, and the challenges they run into with their work.
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