1. In class we
  2. discussed the following scenario:
  3. Lisa is 13. She likes to chat online and to meet new people this way. She has a lot of Facebook friends she has never met. One day she meets a boy she likes. He posts his photos online and she finds him really cute. They have a lot in common. One day he suggests that they should meet. Lisa's mother finds out about this (she is spying on Lisa online because she is afraid for her). She doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want Lisa to know she is spying on her. What do you think she should do? And is it OK for Lisa's mother to spy on Lisa.
  4. At Home
  5. Watch the following video and learn about how we express obligation in English:
  6. Expressing Obligation
  7. Read more about expressing obligation here:
  8. Then do the following exercise:
  9. Now watch the following video about the kinds of unpleasant people you can meet online:
  10. In class we will:
  11. - discuss questions posted in the second video
  12. - go back to the original scenario and discuss what Lisa's mother should do
  13. - write sentences using modals of obligation
  14. - prepare a role play between Lisa and her mother
  15. - perform our role play
  16. - based on the "unpleasant personalities" video, we will prepare an alternative scenario for the others to discuss.
  17. - discuss what we have learnt about online safety
  18. - write advice for teenagers and publish it on our wiki
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