Using Social Listening to Uncover Content and Storytelling Opportunities - #EduWeb17 Presentation

Tweets from the conference session.

  1. Get the slides here.
  2. While I was prepping the room early, Daniela showed up so we snapped a selfie The matching outfits were just a coincidence.
  3. I had to crank the music because @EdCabellon was cranking his next door. I really need to up my conference playlist and get beyond "Top 2000's Jams" on Spotify.
  4. Let's Get Started

  5. Thanks to Waybetter for sponsoring the Content Strategy & Email Marketing track!
  6. ^^True story.
  7. ^^Also true. And I don't have high speed internet at my house. Currently typing this while tethered to my cell.
  8. ^^Not a coincidence. I really like food.
  9. I am not afraid to use the C word. Some day the rest of higher education won't be either.
  10. ^^I must admit that my use of MacGyver was inspired by @Mer_Barnett last month at #CASESICM
  11. Western University #KindMail Case Study

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