1. Our presentation kicked off at 11:15 a.m. EST on Monday, December 5. We had an amazing turnout—thank you to everyone who came, especially if you stuck it out while sitting on the floor!
  2. And special thanks to Jake (@jakedaniel) for following along from home!
  3. Social listening encompasses all public online sources—over 80 million of them—including blogs, discussion forums, online comments, reviews, and video captions. If you're only listening on Twitter, you're missing out on lots of content! For college campuses, it's likely that less than 25% of your online mentions are on Twitter.
  4. It was so great to meet James (@jpmchaley) in person at this conference! We met online way back in 2013 when we recorded this episode of Student Affairs Live about marketing and communications in student affairs.
  5. We touched on six use-cases for social listening in higher education: campaign management, brand benchmarking, reputation management, customer service, market research, and online threat assessment.
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