John Maeda at Drexel for Learning Innovation

  1. John talked about how important it was for teachers to provide support, motivation, inspiration, to shepherd students through learning.
  2. John's background goes from engineering to art to business. We don't appreciate people who have varied backgrounds. We tend to value those who stay on one path. I personally came to coding through poetry and writing, more generally. Coding for me was a way of communicating and expressing creativity. A lot of coders don't think that way.
  3. John talked about how people don't appreciate art, find it hard to understand. All art is, John said, is our ability to see the world differently. Let me just say that I will never look at a bathroom the same way again.
  4. Can't remember exactly how it did this, but it was cool.
  5. This is what needs to happen. Everyone needs to be exposed to other areas of thought. Staying in your lane doesn't result in creative ideas.
  6. This is true! But you have to think of leadership differently. I highly recommend John's book, Creative Leadership.
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